Architecture of KLCCD

Buildings with traditional styles make up 51% of all the buildings in KLCCD, where typologies of traditional shophouses dominate as the majority.

Examples of traditional shophouse styles in Old Market Square (c. 1910)

The historical identity of Kuala Lumpur is framed by its unique architecture. The KLCCD core comprises of 1,039 buildings where more than half of these are in traditional style (533,51%). Extensive study of the historic core reveals that many of the traditional buildings are fairly or poorly conserved.

Count of buildings in each style category

Although most of these traditional buildings are fairly conserved, many of them are underutilized. This information is crucial in articulating the key issues present in the built heritage of KLCCD. Fore-fronting rejuvenation efforts on underutilized spaces is one of the core initiatives of Think City - realizing the purpose of turning KLCCD into the confluence and cultural centre of the community.


Think City & CGB Consultants, 2018

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Architecture of KLCCD

Architectural styles of heritage and modern buildings.

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